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Welcome to the
Anthony Hopkins Fansites Directory.
Here, in one place, you can find the links to all your favorite Anthony Hopkins fansites.  All Tony, all of the time.
If you have a favorite Anthony Hopkins fansite, and would like the link added to this page, please let us know in the Anthony_Hopkins_Fan_Forum.  You'll also find the Direct Link to the AHFF in the navigation column at left.
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Tony's 70th Birthday

December 31, 2007 is Sir Anthony's 70th birthday.
The following AHFF members have created very special video tributes in honor of this special occasion.


•  Trudy Gonzalez (SkyeAxon)

You can view Trudy's tribute at YouTube:

or, you can see it on Trudy's website:

Click on the Demo Reel and you will find it there along with a bit of trivia on the project.  You need Quicktime 7 to view videos on the site. There is a link there to download it free from Apple if you need it.

Thank you, Trudy!


•  Romy (caleon99)

You can view Romy's tribute at YouTube:

or, for those who would like to download it, you can
see it at Romy's website:

Thank you, Romy!



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commercial "fansites" which include lots of
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other than Anthony Hopkins are discouraged. 
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Anthony Hopkins Fansite Directory!
AHFAN (Dara).

"The most intense joy lies not in the having but in the desire.
Delight that never fades, bliss that is eternal is yours
only when what you most desire is just out of reach."

~ Anthony Hopkins as C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands