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The Dragonfly Dance
July, 2003 by Writer (WRITER191)

The years have traveled well with me,
From northern wood to southern sea,
But fate was leading when I found
My way to a New England town,

Where laughing gulls came show the way
For fishing boats to sail each day,
Where tales of love and fantasy
Are often spoken from the sea.

An ocean wind ran fast and warm,
So I sought shelter from the storm,
A shanty pub then caught my eye,
An ageless sign boast, “Dragonfly”.

Ancient timbers creaked as I
Came enter into Dragonfly,
Pale lamplight graced the room
To barely bathe an eerie gloom.

Some inner sense begged I should go,
But rain came falling heavy so
I chanced a stool, when I could see,
A phantom voice said, “This ones on me.”

I startled some, since I had seen
No other soul when I came in,
Yet there he stood in shadows thin,
I smiled and said, “Thank you, my friend.”

I watched old weathered fingers lace
The mug he poured, then slowly placed
In front of me, “Mud in yer eye,
And welcome ye to Dragonfly.”

I thanked him once again, then said,
“A question comes into my head,
I cannot help but wonder why
You call this place the Dragonfly?”

He smiled just a little then,
And said, “You need to know my friend,
There are but few who travel here,
And fewer still who drink this cheer.”

He spoke no more, I sipped my grog,
But soon I sensed a sleepy fog
Come stealing softly over me,
A shroud of misting ecstasy.

A distant voice traced through the swirl,
A whispered vision of a girl
Who breathed soft words upon my ear,
“Please come and dance with me, my dear.”

The whisper grew before my eyes,
Sweet honey breasts and silken thighs,
“Come dance with me in moonlight’s glow,
Come hear the sweet adagio.”

A tiny voice screamed I should wait,
But haunting eyes then sealed my fate,
As tender lips so deeply kissed,
No longer could my will resist.

My path was but to follow her
Down vapor trails past misty shores,
Then rising high above the swell
To Heaven’s door, or blissful Hell.

Up from the ocean’s summer rage
Through tangled woods and twisted sage,
To where the world was new and clean,
And wonders I had never seen.

A billion diamonds lit the night
Like gentle souls, they shed their light
To guide us to a clearing fair,
Where quiet music filled the air.

So captivated in her trance
As slowly we began to dance,
Our spirits raced to lustful things
With beating hearts like membrane wings.

Through passions warmest thoroughfare
Our midnight music filled the air,
Two lovers basking in the glow
Of moonlight’s sweet adagio.

A morning sunlight kissed my face,
As I awoke, far from the place
Where she had led the night before,
Or maybe it was nothing more

Than a dream that sped before my eyes
On fleeting wings, like dragonflies?
Minus One
by Haggis (SHOES4)
  2/01 TEV.

In that fraction of time
Before our lips softly touch
I see us in that moment
Where our faces are
So close that our breath
Mingles, a sweet vapor,
Intimately joined, and then....
Or walking together, in golden
Sunlight hand in hand, fingers woven
In gentle entwine, enough
To claim us a single
Entity, as the calm of
The River Wye, slips by
In flashing blades of silver....
 Mayhaps it is night
And we lie together, bodies
bared and warm to touch,
enclosed in the highest passion
Of love while the Starlit heavens
Watch as they have since
Before times’ beginning....
 But I will never know
For it is only in an unshared
Corner of my mind that you reside
We have never met, nor shall we
Since times ravages have
Had their way and now escort
Me to the endless rest....


The Phone Call
July, 2003 by DoubleECircle
This is a poem about the first time my future wife told me she loved me.

There was an ocean in the city,
To which the evening would host waves of wheels on pavement
And billions of crunches of foot falls

Muffled music


A shout
A bark

And a street light buzz…

I stood.

Smiling shirtless, in the Feburary night
The air was cool and crisp and light
And I had goose bumps on my skin
But then
That was not the wind

Just what she said…

I let the ocean wash over me
And my skin turns to needles
Shooting out in all directions
I dissipate
I Disintegrate

I am the foam on a wave
The Sound of sand dropping
On glass
As I pass into life
Into living
Into love
I am warm
And invincible…


Hollowed Halls of Ejumakashun
June, 2003 by Tex (TXPOET)

I took a walk back to my old Hi Skool today
The memorys came back as I walked the halls
The six years I spent dare seem like yesterday
I was one of the many clowns and screwballs

I recall the lessons reading, riding 'n ridmatic
It was a long tuff fight and finally I grajuated
Lots of days I missed I was just out playing sick
Cause I did and do think skool is very overrated

Higher lurning for me was almost too eazy
Homework would always wait I'd do it latter
I never studied and still made an overall D
But I still fondly recall the old alma matter

I really do appreciate the lurning I got dare
I still use dem lessons at my place of work
As I count out the people's change with care
Next week I's gitting promoted to frys clerk


2001 Clarice Darling

Softly crossing the room, the tiger
purred at me
while a large, warm paw
reached out and
touched my arm, tentatively
Hypnotic eyes bored into mine.

Resistance was futile; I stroked
his lovely fur
as he stretched, langorously pleading
for more caresses, growling
with pleasure,
rubbing his face against mine;
all whiskers, persuasion and strength.

Ephemeral dreams; the tiger's
breath hot. The power
of the beast gnawing hungrily
at my breast
contented, I mewed
against his fur hungry for more
as the tiger slipped into the night.
Three Harry Potter Haiku Poems
  June 30, 2003 by Doss

Sharply waving wands
Wizard school to teach them all
Harry teaches, too

Darkness and Lightness
Balanced on wands' tiny tips
The Storm rolls forward...

Eons old Good/Bad
Struggle into the Future
Bleeding all the way