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The Olde Burial Ground
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The Tomb of Vienna Dill

The Old Burying Ground has many other graves of people with interesting histories.   
  • Capt. Josiah Pender who seized  Ft. Macon before NC seceded from the Union in1861. 
  • Vienna Dill. The child died of yellow fever and was buried in a glass top case.
  • Pierre Henry an African American who taught emancipated slaves at the Washburn Academy.
  • Capt. John Sabiston who died near Charleston and was brought home by his crew.


  • Sgt. George Johnson. A member of the U.S. Colored Infantry who fought in the Civil War.
  • Sarah Gibbs and Jacob Shepard.  He was lost at sea and she remarried. He returned, they agreed that she stay with her 2nd husband but be buried with her 1st.
  • The "Crissie Wright" Common Grave. The sailors who froze to death in the shipwreck are buried here. 
  • Girl in the Rum Barrel. She died at sea returning from England, but her father had promised her mother he would bring her back home.  He did, inside a rum barrel.  Her grave can be seen above, decorated with seashells and small toys.

Graves with cypress markers

Another grave, according to legend, contains an English sailor who was buried upright so that he could eternally salute his king.

Poetry was used quite often in describing the deceased. One grave marker bears this inscription:
The form that fills this silent grave,
once tossed on ocean's rolling wave,
but in a port securely fast
he's dropped his anchor here at last.



Until 1905, Beaufort was accessible only by boat, so many families in the 18th and 19th centuries made long boat trips to come to church.  These families sometimes made grave markers like this table top grave for their loved ones.  After church, the family would use the grave to eat the lunch they had brought from home.



The middle marker was intentionally made to look broken, in order to symbolize a life cut short by accidental death.  Beaufort's Old Burial Ground tells many stories about the Dead, but with history that's full of life.

References:  North Carolina Crystal Coast History; Historical Carteret County;  Beaufort Historic Association.

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